Institute for Research & Technology


The Research Institute of Chemical Engineering and High Temperature Chemical Processes (ITE) was founded in Patras in 1987 The Foundation for Research and Technology (ITE) took place at 1984, which came from the merger of seven research institutes Regional one of which was the ITE.

Managers and colleagues FORTH / ITE are more than 150. In strains included organic researchers, managers of administrative and technical services, and partners including collaborating faculty members (smDEP) from various departments of the University of Patras, post-doctoral associates and graduate fellows.

FORTH / ITE hosts all research activities (laboratory and office facilities, seminar room, etc.) in a private building.

Also, the Institute has other administrative and financial services, library with large number of print and electronic subscriptions, ilektrotechneio niche construction and machine manufacturing with excellent potential for specialized equipment and experimental devices.

Finally, FORTH / ITE

• conducts basic, applied and technological research in a variety of fields and provides specialized services to industry.

• carry out a significant number of R & D in collaboration with dozens of industrial enterprises, universities and research institutions (universities and HBS) from Greece, EU, USA, Japan etc. These projects are funded by national and European competitive research programs, and directly from industry.

• fostering the conduct of basic and technological research in peak areas, which focuses on specific needs and problems of industry and environment.