University of Patras - Chemistry Department (Co-ordinator)


The University of Patras (PA) consists of 5 Faculties of Science, Engineering, Medicine, Humanities and Economics, and 22 departments with approximately 20,000 students. The PA participates very actively in many projects funded by national, European and International sources.

The Department of Chemistry was founded in 1966 and educates more than 350 students at the undergraduate level, accepting every year approximately 100 freshmen, while participating in a substantial number of graduate programs.

The laboratory participating in the program Polymer and Hybrid Nanomaterials Department of Chemistry, University of Patras, is active in the synthesis of functional polymeric materials using its long experience in the design and synthesis of monomers and polymers. Recent activity has expanded the field of nanomaterials with emphasis on modified carbon nanotubes with semiconductor polymers.

The infrastructure of the laboratory, in addition to standard equipment for a Department of Synthetic Chemistry, contains the following institutions:

• Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (Rheometrics)

• Tensile Tester

• Thermal Analysis DSC, TGA (Rheometrics, TA)

• Batch Melt Mixer

• Optical Microscope

• Impact Tester

• Melt Flow Index Apparatus

• Vapor Phase Osmometer

• Membrane Osmometer

• Automated GPC

• Melt-Mixer Extruder

There is also access to the Center of Instrumental Analysis of the PA as in Microscopy Laboratory where they are established valuable institutions such as NMR 400 MHz spectrometer company BRUKER (Instrumental Analysis Laboratory of University / University of Patras), the company's SEM 6320 and JEOL TEM 200 KV (Microscopy Laboratory, University / University of Patras).